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About US

We Promote cultural exchange by organizing  Positive and Uplifting Events.


We Connect and Promote Businesses all around the globe. 



We have promoted for several great events such as: The African Festival of the Arts in Chicago, for Smokey Robinson`s Concert in Chicago (organized by Chicago State University), P-Square Concert in Chicago and many more...


We have organized/co-organized several big events in Chicago among which The very renown "Bantu Fest"  and the "Love Unity Concert"  which brought on one stage artists from over 30 different countries to promote artistic harmony.


We have also collaborated on different projects with several community organizations in the United States and overseas such as; RainBow Push of Rev. Jessie Jackson, The Black Star Project, The Lupe Fiasco Foundation, Global Hand Incorporated, R.A.G.E (Englewood), The K.L.E.O Community Center, Project Orange Tree, Watering  Oasis (Atlanta, GA), AAPRP and many more


 Our main Goal, is to promote and Elevate Nations , as well as to promote Diversity.

                                    Bridging The Gap!

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